Toyota Rear Triple Rate Coil Spring 10-Pres. 4 Runner, 10-Pres. FJ Cruiser Pure Performance

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We’re excited to introduce the new triple rate Pure Performance rear springs for Toyota F.J. Cruisers and 4Runners. These coils are designed to increase drivability on and offroad. As opposed to OEM springs or competitor’s products, these springs have a total of nine full windings whereas everyone else uses seven. That equates to longer travel without sacrificing the soft ride on road. 

These springs fit right into the rear of your vehicle with no modifications. Simply loosen brake line and breather hose connections, compress, and insert them into the vehicle. The result is a properly lifted rear that performs well in any situation. Multiple rates throughout suspension travel and an above average silicon modified wire construction provides your vehicle with a comfortable ride.

Springs are powder coated gloss black and have great articulation offroad. Compression is uniform when hauling though sandy woops, moderate rocks, or larger than average speed bumps. You will not regret purchasing these springs.

  • Includes two Pure Performance rear coils for 4Runners/ F.J. Cruisers
  • Designed to complement out dual-rate front coilovers for Toyota applications
  • OEM spring end codes – they fit right into factory cutouts with no issue
  • Tighten windings on top means springs will keep extending and never unseat.

Proudly manufactured and packaged here in the U.S.A.